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$59.80 for a 5 pack of rfid shields, the Armadillo Dollar Originals, which can be used for wallets, clutches and other personal rfid shield protection.

5 pack Armadillo Dollar Dilly Black Card Folders - $79.80 This is a 5 pack of Armadillo Dollar Dilly Black Card Folders (buy 4 get one free) - $79.80 plus…

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Armadillo Dollar Originals & Dilly Card Folders Mixed 10 Pack - $134.60 Large Ten Pack / 5 of the Originals and 5 of the Black Dilly Card Folders for a…

$29.95 for the rfid shield combo pack, one Armadillo Dollar Original and one Dilly Black Card Folder, great protection for your wallet.

$24.95 for two Armadillo Dollar Original rfid shields, great for a clutch, one on each side of your cards, or most wallets.

$19.95 for one Armadillo Dollar Dilly Black Card Folder that holds up to five plastic cards, and slips into a wallet or clutch for wireless pickpocket prevention.

$14.95 for the best rfid shield on the market, the Armadillo Dollar Original, which covers all currently used frequencies for door access, employee badges, credit and debit cards.

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